Any time I have an excuse to drive my Bentley Continental GT in the dead of Winter in Chicago to sunny South Florida for a business meeting, I take it.

I don’t mess around on the road stopping at every restaurant and hotel along the way. I get a good night’s sleep the night before and then drive straight through and arrive twenty-six hours later.

I was making good time traveling South on I-75 and had just left Chattanooga, Tennessee and crossed the state line into Georgia, barreling down the dark highway at three AM.

I didn’t realize that soon I would be looking for towing Atlanta on my onboard information center.

The Demon Strikes

 While the road looked perfectly fine ahead and there was virtually no other traffic, little did I know that one of the season’s coldest cold fronts had just plowed through the deep South.

I found out rather suddenly as the car hit the deadly black ice and started spinning out of control.

I must have skidded for at least two-hundred feet with the car spinning all the way until I came to rest in a snow bank to the side of the road.

While the car didn’t seem to have incurred any damage, I was pretty shook up and the tires were inextricably embedded in the snow. I was going to need some help.

The Rescue

After plugging the keywords towing Atlanta into my navigation console, I was immediately greeted by 24 Hour Towing Atlanta (www.24hourtowingatlanta.com) and the digital assistant asked me: “Would you like me to connect you?”

I said “Yes” and after one ring I was speaking directly to the dispatcher for 24 Hour Towing Atlanta.

24 Hour Towing Atlanta had a fix on my GPS position. “I’ve dispatched our wrecker, Sir, and they should be to your location within fifteen minutes!”

“Not bad,” I thought to myself. It was after all in the middle of the night and I was still very much on the outskirts of Atlanta in the middle of nowhere.

The dispatcher inquired as to my welfare. Was the car out of the way of traffic? Was the tailpipe of the exhaust obstructed by snow? I assured her all that was O.K., but asked her if her driver had any experience towing Bentleys. Luxury cars can be tricky and require special protocols.

“Oh yes Mr. Raphales! Every year, our drivers take special factory certified courses to learn the latest information about exotic and luxury cars!”

That was good to know!

Before very long at all, the gleaming wrecker pulled up to my car with an exceptional array of emergency lights that lit up the whole area like daylight. He took a look around.

“Don’t worry Mr. Raphales,” he said, “it’s not too bad and I’ll have you out of here in a few minutes, can you please pop the trunk?”

I popped the trunk of the car and the driver lifted up a secret compartment under the floorboard that I didn’t even know was there.

Inside the compartment was a plastic impact case which when opened, contained all kinds of specialty towing and mounting widgets designed by the factory specifically for this model car.

He removed something that looked like a giant eye-hook. After clearing a little snow away from the back bumper, he located a tiny pop open cover on the bumper where the hook screwed in.

Within moments, he had it connected to a hoist on his rig and had tugged the car out of the snow bank. It was great! He looked over the car and said he didn’t see any damage but recommended that I have the dealer check it to make sure.


 When I need towing Atlanta and in a hurry, 24 Hour Towing Atlanta really came through for me. They were fast, professional and helped me make the best out of a bad and frightening experience.

I can wholeheartedly recommend them for any towing Atlanta situations you might experience yourself!